Technology Driven Investment Approach

Through FWU Invest S.A., FWU offers you as our clients tailor-made asset management solutions usually only available to large scale investors. As an extra benefit, the Luxembourg regulatory framework gives access to a relatively broader investment universe compared to what is customary in other European investment industries. To earn outstanding results for its customers, FWU Invest works with a quantitative process to select the best performing funds around the world.

Quant Model Approach

Despite the ongoing wave of digitalization, the investment business is still driven by human bias. We, however, believe in investment decisions made based on objective criteria: investment decisions made based on numbers.

To provide such numbers-based, objective investment processes, we rely on a so called quant model approach and our trusted partners in the high-tech asset management sector . Our partners, leading providers of deep data processing, have developed algorithms for us, which are not only able to observe the market 24/7, but can also read and analyze market shifts in real time and thus recognize and capitalize on market trends.

The resulting investment decisions are entirely data driven, creating objectivity in a market driven by human bias - because algorithms don´t lie.

Client Focus

We at FWU believe that the client should always be the focus of what we do – that also goes for our investment approach. The blend of investment strategies we offer has been carefully designed to cater to different investment preferences, ranging from regional criteria, to sustainable investments and incorporating different investment styles.

The first step of our investment process is an in depth analysis of the client’s personal risk appetite through identifying a client’s investment preferences, goals and wishes. This investment profile is in turn the starting point for the so called asset clustering: depending on the client’s preferences we generate an asset mixture that perfectly matches the respective investment profile while allowing us to manage investment risk accurately.

Based on this we are able to manage risk over the lifetime of your contract, giving you the possibility to benefit from market opportunities while safeguarding your investment.


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