IT Offering

In our opinion, the merit of an IT offering in the life insurance business is primarily determined by three factors: usability, efficiency and adaptability. To deliver upon those principles, we have developed seamlessly integrated front and back office systems with digital end-to-end processes and user friendly interfaces to provide our partners with a tool to enhance their business and customer experience.

State-of-the-Art IT Systems

With our proprietary system "FILOS", FWU is offering one of the most advanced front office solutions in the life insurance market. FILOS does not only provide our distribution partners with an efficient platform for policy issuance and administration, but also unifies important sales tools like model calculators, policy illustration and portfolio management functionalities in one compact, user friendly tool. With seamlessly integrated real-time underwriting and the introduction of the e-signature on tablets, FILOS makes it possible to issue a life insurance policy completely paperless in real time at the point of sale, within minutes. To improve usability and user experience for our distribution partners at the point of sale, FILOS has also been equipped with multi-channel capabilities to be used on mobile devices. Of course  the system is available in several languages such as Arabic, English, Italian and French and offers various calendars, for example Gregorian and Arabic.

By thus improving the customer experience and reducing the policy issuance time drastically, FILOS does not only serve as major differentiator for us as FWU, but also makes a difference as a unique selling proposition by our distribution partners.

Efficiency through seamless integration

The digital end-to-end processes provided by the seamless integration of FILOS into our back office systems do not only majorly reduce issuance time for our distribution partners and their end clients, but also increase data quality during the sales process and radically cut down on administrative and operational costs. Consequently, we are able to manage policies much more efficiently than our competitors.

Combined with low system-maintenance costs, FILOS is thus a major driver for efficiency for both us and our distribution partners.


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