Both FWU Life Lux and FWU Life Austria – the former ATLANTICLUX and Skandia Austria – have played a pioneering role in the development of unit-linked life insurance products.

Innovative Life Insurance Products

FWU has leveraged this expertise to become a successful player in the European life insurance market and FWU Life Austria has retained its role as a cutting edge product innovator since being the first provider to introduce unit-linked life insurance in the Austrian market in 1994.  

Takaful Solutions

FWU also leverages the opportunities provided by unit-linked life insurance for our Family Takaful products, which have been developed specifically for our markets in the Middle and Far East. These products differ from traditional products in regards to the range of possible investments, the assessment of mortality risk and the degree of transparency concerning underlying cost structures.

FWU has had a pioneering role in this field, as we have been able to implement the Sharia structures within a Wakalah model in such a way that they are controllable for the company, while also providing attractive, conventional life insurance solutions for our clients.


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