FWU Life Lux

FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A.  was founded on 28 October 1987 as ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. and is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It has branches in Germany, France, Italy and Spain


Our Core CompetencIes

Within FWU, FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A. provides the products for the regional sales partners and administrates the individual insurance agreements.

In designing the products together with its majority stakeholder FWU AG, München, FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A.  specialises in unit-linked life insurance solutions with innovative investment concepts. The legislative environment in Luxembourg facilitates this by allowing modern and custom tailored investment solutions.

For almost 30 years, FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A.  has been a competence centre for lean administration with fully automatic and almost paperless policy management, including commissions and payments. FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A. serves its sales partners and customers reliably and quickly with state-of-the-art technology.

Our Parent Company FWU

FWU as a Group has proved its forward-thinking and efficiency in the fields of investment and life insurance for more than 30 years. By developing an extensive network throughout the world's financial markets, highly efficient IT systems and innovative investment solutions, FWU has progressed to become a global life-insurance player. 

In 1983, our founder and CEO Dr. Manfred Dirrheimer founded FWU as Forschungsgesellschaft für Wettbewerb- und Unternehmens-organisation", laying the foundation for a success story of more than 30 years. With our 12 offices in Europe and Asia, we have grown from a Munich-based consultancy firm to a product innovator in the German life insurance market and ultimately to a global player in the life insurance sector. We, as FWU, act independently and focus our company strategy on rapid yet sustainable growth just as family businesses should. 

The acquisition of Skandia Austria is part of our European growth strategy and a strategic repositioning of FWU.

The management of FWU decided to support this growth strategy with a global rebranding of the FWU Group under one umbrella brand. It emphasizes our drive to grow stronger as a brand and to further improve our service offering for you as a FWU client.


FWU Life Insurance Lux S.A.
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L - 1246 Luxembourg

GD de Luxembourg

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E-Mail: info@fwu.life