In times when old-fashioned, conservative institutions see their business models get overrun by changing customer behavior and technological change, it's the daring and creative companies, that focus on technology, that will succeed. In this environment, young, small and supposedly weaker companies outperform established players due to their disruptive mindset.

FWU Success Story

We at FWU believe that different thinking about financial products leads to better product performance. Agility, experience and specialization do not just create a better offering, they are part of our mindset. It is an integral part of our FWU mentality to reexamine existing believes and to reframe our thinking where necessary.

We at FWU have preserved our start up spirit to be daring enough to expand and evolve, while retaining our focus on unit-linked life insurance products. We believe in technology, because it makes us efficient. We believe in creativity, because it makes us unique.


Our mindset is the result of the continuous drive to deliver better solutions and products to each of our clients, distributors and partners. FWU's innovative mindset of a start up enables us to cater to individual needs, like no other company of our size. During the past 30 years, we have built the financial brains and the experience to protect your savings and grow with you in difficult times for the life insurance business.


Based on this belief, we are taking not only our mindset, but also our brand one step forward. As of the 25th of November, we do not only work together as one group of entities with the same mindset, as of today, we also share one common brand among Atlanticlux Lebensversicherung S.A., FWU Provisions Factoring GmbH, Premium Select Lux S.A. and Skandia Lebensversicherungs AG. FWU – Forward U, means even further advancing in our desire to putting you, as an individual in the focus. More advanced and more individual than ever before.


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